Disability subsidy scheme to be more efficient and effective

The NSW Government has recently started a review of subsidies and incentives for point to point transport services for people with a disability.

The review will make recommendations on the Taxi Transport Subsidy Scheme (TTSS) and the incentives provided to Wheelchair Accessible Taxi (WAT) operators and drivers for customers with a disability.

The review will focus on whether the TTSS is still delivering the right outcomes for customers following the recent changes to point to point transport services in NSW. In particular, it will assess the feasibility of moving to a service provider-neutral subsidy scheme, allowing customers more choice through booked service providers other than taxis.

Transport for NSW will consult with industry as well as ageing and disability stakeholders during the review to ensure that subsidies and incentives support a high level of service for people with disability.

The NSW Government recognises the importance of these schemes for providers of disability services and opening up to ensure the schemes keep up with regulatory framework changes that support the ageing and disability sector.

The insights offered by industry and the ageing and disability sector will form the basis of a discussion paper which will be used when seeking feedback from the broader community later in the consultation process.

Transport for NSW will be inviting submissions from community on the discussion paper as soon as it is drafted.

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