Northern Rivers Transport Mapping Study Released

The Northern Rivers Transport Mapping Project was undertaken as part of the Social Futures Transport Development Project. It aims to provide a comprehensive overview of public transport services across the Northern Rivers and develop a better insight into how services align with community expectations.

The NRPTMP was developed in consultation with transport working groups across the Northern Rivers. It draws on results of the Sustain Northern Rivers Transport Survey 2013 to identify the destinations and trips analysed by this report.

Across the region, this report finds that the existing public transport service level generally provides basic cover during school periods. However, large gaps exist during school holiday periods, with these gaps increasing over weekends. Towns predominately reliant on school bus services face the most disadvantage, with no public transport during school holidays. There are also very few services across the region available after 6pm.

This report also finds that a number of region-wide opportunities exist to enhance the effectiveness of existing public transport across the region. These include:

  • Listing school bus services on TfNSW trip planner tool with appropriate measures put in place to ensure the safety of all users
  • Ensuring communities know about and how to use TfNSW trip planner tool
  • Better route planning – ensuring the first inter-town service arrives before 9am and the last leaves after 5pm
  • Allowing public transport users with a school travel pass to travel free of charge on existing bus services to and from TAFE
  • Allowing bookings for short journeys on TrainLink services
  • Developing an effective, well-promoted Carpool system for the region that incentivises ride-sharing and provides accurate data on how the platform is utilised
  • Utilising existing bus infrastructure during school holiday periods
  • Investigating if and how taxis can supplement and complement existing services through providing more on demand services

This report analyses if trips can be undertaken in a 24 hour period. It does not explore nor claim to represent the community’s expectations around number of trips available.

Further research is needed to explore community expectations around frequency of public transport and the conditions under which the community would make better use of existing transport services. This could inform planning for appropriate service levels for towns across the region.

Download the Northern Rivers Transport Mapping Project here.